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Why Drops?

Why are people moving to diet drops versus diet pills? Diet Drops gives the consumers immediate feedback and allows them to feel results within a few minutes in many cases. Besides the quick feedback, the 3 main benefits we will review here are ease of use, absorption, and purity.

Ease of Use.  Diet drops are usually concentrated (as is the case with NXGEN Diet Drops). This means that you only need to take a small amount to get the full effect or dosage. NXGEN Diet Drops, as with most diet drops, can be taken sublingually, under the tongue or with water, juice or some flavored liquid. In contrast, pills are becoming more and more of an annoyance. Many consumers complain about having to take so many pills or capsules, which has opened the door to product like NXGEN's diet drops.

Absorption.  Diet drops absorb into the body very quickly and without much waste. Research has shown that up 90 percent of nutrients in liquid drop supplements are absorbed by the body in less than 30 seconds. In comparison, pills are absorbed at a rate of 10 to 20 percent taking almost 4 hours on average. You can imagine what this means financially. It means that over 80 percent of diet pill consumption is wasted versus on 10 percent on the diet pill side.

Purity.  Diet drops give customers a complete product without all the fillers and carriers found in capsules and pills. The fillers or binding agents that are common in diet pills are difficult to break down and thus the problem of these ingredients passing through the body along with the good nutrients.

Diet Drops are here to stay. NXGEN Diet Drops has been and will continue to be a part of this growing trend in the Diet and Nutrition Arena.

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