XANGEN 1oz. Drops
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XANGEN 1oz. Drops

How does XANGEN promote weight loss?

XANGEN is designed to provide a dramatic increase in appetite control, a longer lasting feeling of fullness, an increase in fat burning, improved energy production, and even an improved sense of well being. Its benefits’ beyond weight loss (increased energy and improved sense of well being) make it a perfect supplement even for those not looking to lose weight, but just want to be able to keep up with today’s busy lifestyle. XANGEN is designed to work together with NXTHIN to quickly produce significant weight loss results.

What makes XANGEN different from other weight loss supplements?

From our research, XANGEN is the highest potency, xanthine rich, liquid supplement on the market today. XANGEN contains a newly developed ingredient known as Andéan, which is a cocoa-based concentrate with almonds and cocoa nutshell extract constituents. Andéan contains high amounts of weight loss promoting xanthines. XANGEN was specifically formulated as a liquid to allow quicker absorption of its proprietary blend of ingredients, increased bioavailability, and better dosage control as opposed to a capsule or tablet.

What are xanthines?

Xanthines (or methylxanthines) are a family of alkaloids that include caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline. While caffeine is the most recognized of these xanthines, theobromine is the most prominent xanthine naturally found in chocolate. Each of these xanthines has been widely used for multiple conditions.

How does XANGEN affect weight loss?

New research is expanding the uses of xanthines beyond those mentioned as “traditional uses.” One of the most revealing studies found that xanthines taken at strategic times can send a signal to your brain that reduces appetite.

Xanthines taken on an empty stomach, 15-30 minutes before eating, causes the stomach to release cholesystokinin (CCK). This sends a signal to your brain that reduces feelings of hunger. Triggering the release of CCK with xanthines in this manner has a number of positive effects that promote weight loss in addition to reducing appetite.

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